Sam thinks of psychotherapy as an intimate expression of the values she holds. She believes in the inalienable right of self-determination and holds wide open space for others to reveal themselves to her as they discover themselves more deeply. In her relationally-oriented, attachment-focused work with others, she honors each patient’s heart while traveling with them through the sometimes shadowy corners of their experiences. Sam aims to embody true curiosity while holding warm, unconditional presence for the totality of whatever shows up.

In her work, Sam considers the radical healing that is possible for her patients to be a potent, politically impactful, creative process aimed toward nourishing and restoring us on a soul-level so that we may live in greater alignment with what we most value. The power of this intimate, relational, dyadic work, can be felt reverberating out into the world as patients’ integrate what they learn and begin to carry themselves more wholly and compassionately through their lives.

Sam received a Bachelor of Arts in Critical Theory and Studio Art from Sarah Lawrence College and a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Smith College in 2011. She spent her formative years teaching Safer Sex Education to Middle and High School students as well as working for many years as a Sex Educator at Babeland and continues to invest her development in this area of study through clinical trainings on sex, sexuality, intimacy, and desire. She completed the Leadership that Works’ Coaching for Transformation certification program and was certified as an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation in Fall of 2017.