" I went to Sam for a reading during a very difficult, unexpected change in my life.  Sam reinforced my right for all my feelings, gave me a safe space to feel them, and helped me to see a bigger picture through the lens of her astrological brilliance. As I continue to navigate myself through these continuing dark and light times, I constantly use the blueprint and map Sam has shown me about myself and my life.  It is a true sense of empowerment."


" I thoroughly enjoyed Sam's reading of my birth chart, her analysis was insightful and inspired. Her focus on the nodes shed a new light on my chart and helped me reconnect with a sense of my own purpose and direction. I particularly loved her style, a contemporary form of astrological discourse, poetic yet super relatable. I highly recommend Sam's astrological readings, I have already sent a few friends and family members her way and all have shared my enthusiasm: she's great!"


" Sam is very knowledgeable and skilled as an astrological counselor.  With her guidance in two readings so far, I have come to more deeply understand my long-term soul journey and also appreciate what's to come."  


" Thank you so much Sam for such a powerful reading. So much of what you said and described resonates with what I feel and have experienced and you were able to shed light on some of the 'whys' and 'hows' I can work with to feel better."


" Sam recently read my charts for the first time. I'm an astrology noob, unsure of what precisely I was going to encounter. While I can't compare Sam to others in her field, the work Sam does is clearly thoughtful and rigorous. What I found most interesting was the way she portrayed the complex web of interrelated factors that compose an astrological reading--I didn't feel overly determined by any one aspect presented, but rather that I had a plethora of tools with which to understand the different parts of myself. In that sense, Sam's work was not only fascinating but also empowering, for which I am very grateful!"