Sam’s Sex and Intimacy initiative centers around working with individuals and couples who experience discord in their sex lives and/or intimate partnerships. Bringing decades of experience as a Sex Educator to her therapy work, Sam’s intention with this initiative is to assist her patients and/or their partners in dismantling barriers to emotional intimacy and sexual fulfillment that arise from themes such as power, control, and consent; sexual fantasy vs. the realities of sexual intimacy; vulnerability, loss of control, and fear; the neurobiological and hormonal variations that can affect sexuality. These various themes are just some of the issues that can impact patients’ emotional landscapes and the contours of their desires causing frustration or pain for them, individually, or in their partnerships. Sam believes that her particular education, experience and skill set offers ample room within which to work on and heal the vast array of these particularly potent issues. She brings extensive knowledge and tremendous compassion to this work, offering a judgment-free space for everyone to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings. Her patients emerge with increased self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and practical tools useful for engaging in fulfilling sexual and romantic partnerships. Sam is a sex-positive, LGBTQ-affirming, kink-affirming, sex-work-affirming, poly-affirming practitioner.