Sam's coaching aims to be the lightning rod for extraordinary, complex people who feel compromised or stuck. By guiding them to harness their unique power and ground it, her coaching allows clients to have greater access to realizing their potential. Coaching is a modality that offers support and accountability for those seeking change. In contrast to therapy, Coaching does not orient around pathology or diagnosis, but rather works with a client moving through a transformation process.  Sam offers multi-session, versatile coaching to individuals seeking to profoundly shift something in their lives. From those in leadership positions wanting to lead more effectively, to artists seeking movement through stuck times, to anyone looking to more fully claim their personal power, Sam seeks to embolden each client to apply their inner resources to work towards greater self-alignment and life-fulfillment.

Sam specializes in working toward goals that include:

  • Professional alignment with closely held values and beliefs
  • "Power with" leadership development
  • Sex, intimacy, and relationship fulfillment
  • Sexuality and gender identity
  • Fully activated and sustainable creative practice development